Online registration for Clark County School District (CCSD) students for the 2021-22 school year is now open.

The school year will open with students attending full-time face-to-face five days a week at all schools. Families who wish to continue with distance education will need to opt-in for distance education. The deadline to opt-in for full-time distance education is May 21, 2021, to allow schools time to plan staffing for the upcoming school year. Late requests for full-time distance education will be based on available space at each school.

2021-22 school year registration process:

Parents should note that the 2021-22 school year is scheduled to begin on Aug. 9, 2021. 


Families new to CCSD may begin their registration process online via


Families with currently enrolled students can complete registration using Parent Portal via Infinite Campus ( 


Parents or guardians who already have an Infinite Campus account will see an announcement through the Parent Portal and a link connecting them to the 2021-22 registration page. 


Families should note that they are able to access Distance Education resources and CCSD K – 12 Student Code of Conduct on Infinite Campus. Families with multiple children will also see an option in certain areas to copy the responses from one child to the next, speeding up the process. Families can use a computer or a mobile device to complete registration.


To find out which school a student is zoned for, parents/guardians may visit


For details regarding registration requirements, parents/guardians may visit


For more information about CCSD, visit


Distance Education


Before opting in to full-distance education, parents and guardians are asked to carefully review the distance education information provided during the registration process. These materials are also available for review online by clicking here.


Students opting in to full-time distance education will be expected to meet the following expectations:

  • Students will be required to attend and have their cameras on for the full duration of real-time sessions during the school’s instructional day. Students may use the blurred background function.

    • Kindergarten - 2nd grade will have a minimum of 60-90 minutes of real-time sessions daily.

    • 3rd - 5th grade will have a minimum of 90-120 minutes of real-time sessions daily.

    • Middle and High School will have a minimum of 60-90 minutes of real-time sessions per week per course.


  • Full-time distance education elementary students must have an adult at home readily available to support their learning.

  • Students will be required to attend school face-to-face for designated activities and assessments. District transportation will not be provided for these activities.


All full-time distance education requests are subject to approval by the school principal.


**Parents/guardians are asked to consider the following information when selecting full-time distance education:**


  • Students may be required to remain in full-time distance education for the entire academic school year. 

  • If a full-time distance education student begins to struggle, intervention meetings may be conducted with the student and parent/guardian, and the student may be required to attend school for face-to-face instruction.

  • Students participating in full-time distance education may be required to participate in curricular instructional activities at the school campus (i.e., tutoring, projects, and performances). Students will be required to attend school face-to-face for designated assessments. District transportation will not be provided for these activities.

  • Students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) may need to attend therapy and related services at the school.

  • Only students may participate in the real-time sessions. If a parent/guardian has a question or needs assistance, please email the teacher outside of class or contact the counselor to arrange a parent-teacher conference.

  • Based on teacher licensure requirements, classroom capacity, and students served through the different instructional models, there will be limitations for parents/guardians to change their student(s) to a different instructional model once selected.

  • A student participating in full-time distance education who qualifies for free and reduced lunch, may receive meals at the school at no cost. The student must eat their meals at the school during the school's designated meal serving times per the National School Lunch Program.

  • There may be unique situations at schools in which the number of students registering for full-time distance education and the allocated teacher units at a school will require students to register for full-time distance education at Nevada Learning Academy.

  • Parents/Guardians wanting an independently paced distance education program may register for Nevada Learning Academy.

  • Some courses/classes may not be offered through full-time distance education.

  • Successful candidates for full-time distance education have demonstrated positive attendance and grades during the previous quarter of school. All full-time distance education requests are subject to approval by the school principal.

To learn more about the Clark County School District, visit


It is important that your child's school has the most up-to-date information on file in the front office. In case of emergency, the office does need to be able to get in contact with parents/guardians concerning your child's health/welfare. If any information such as address, phone number(s), job location/phone number, or emergency contact(s) changes, please come to the front office with your photo ID and complete an Update Information Form.

Students new to Guy are required to have the following documents to successfully enroll.

  • Original birth certificate, a passport or a certified birth card issued by a health district. A child must be five (5) years old by September 30 to enroll in kindergarten.

  • Compliant immunization record. Required immunizations can be found at the CCSD website.

  • One proof of address, such as a recent utility bill, rent receipt, residential lease or a sales contract. Driver's license, telephone bill or cable bill are unacceptable.

  • Parent(s)/Guardian(s) photo identification.

  • Any court/custody documents (if applicable).

  • IEP from previous school (if applicable).

  • Report card or transfer document showing name and address of your child's last school (if applicable).


To request records please go to If you need further assistance please contact Student Data Services at (702) 799-2487